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looking to explore alternatives for pain relief?
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cupping massage
cupping is a traditional form of chinese medicine bodywork that relieves "stagnation". This translates to increased circulation and vitality and decreased pain and muscle tension. while cupping is similar to traditional massages, it reaches a deeper level of the physical and energetic body.

e-stim needling
electrical stimulation or "E-stim" involves adding light electrical stimulation to acupuncture needles. e-stim is very effective for treating pain, addressing neurological symptoms (such as paralysis, memory loss, dizziness, etc.), and mental-emotional dysregulation. e-stim enhances the ability of the acupuncture needles to open blockages, and circulate the lymph and blood flow throughout the body.


207 Prospect Park West. Suite 1.
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featured testimonial

"I’ve been working with Dr.Naika for about a year now and it’s been nothing but a beautiful journey. I’ve found solace, peace, and transformation in our sessions together and I’ll never stop going. My original session was to help with excruciating knee pain that no doctor could help alleviate for months and help with balancing out my hormones. When I went to the first session I knew it wouldn’t be my last. She listens to your ailments, and in turn creates a thought out treatment plan with goals you’ll achieve together. Her treatment plan goes beyond acupuncture and is truly multifaceted combining herbs, supplements and nutrition. She gets to the root of the problem and helps you heal from the inside out. Her office is an NYC oasis escape. Her curated decor, feel and ambiance makes you feel like you’ve been transformed to another place. She’s very thorough in her communication to you during the session so nothing is ever a surprise. You can play the music you like and really take a deep dive to healing while you’re on the table. At the end of the session she’s always open and available for questions and post treatment care. It’s truly full care from beginning to end ! Once you go, you’ll experience something amazing and wish you’d went sooner." - T.I