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Naturopathic Medicine

whole person care

naturopathic medicine promotes wellness from the inside out, aiming to heal the root cause of imbalance.
using non-invasive and safe holistic therapies, i create a custom individualized protocol just for you.

your naturopathic consultation includes:
-obtaining relevant social and health history
-reviewing your medications and allergies
-reading relevant labwork and imaging
and more!

we will get to know each other, set health goals, and embark on a healing journey.

my goal is to support your healing process.

naturopathic interventions entail:
-herbal medicine recommendations
-vitamin and supplement recommendations
-dietary plans
-lifestyle counseling and advising
and so much more.

ready to transform your health and wellness with a naturopathic visit?


(516) 253-1273

Park Slope
Mondays & Thursdays
10 Plaza Street, Suite 1C.
Brooklyn, NY, 11238

Clinton Hill
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
1082 Fulton Avenue.
Brooklyn, NY, 11238


featured testimonial

"Dr. Naika Apeakorang is an amazing, knowledgable and incredibly talented herbalist and healer. I went to Dr. Apeakorang because I wanted to incorporate herbal medicine into my daily practice of selfcare and stress management. Through a throrough assesment of my health and whole state of being, Dr. Apeakorang assembled a custom herbal solution for my specific aliments and personal constitution. After several weeks of following Dr. Naika Apeakorang's instructions, I am now obtaining better sleep and I often feel more alert and energized during the day. Dr. Apeakorang has a warm and generous demenor and she is someone that you can truly trust to guide you towards health, restoration and vitality." - A.G