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'Are You Ok?' Virtual Wellness Check In Sessions for COVID-19 Support

DO Are you needing someone to check in with? are you looking for someone to talk to? do you need wellness guidance during the covid-19 pandemic? Do you need holistic lifestyle tips for mind+body resilience during social distancing?
then this offering is for you!

I will hold space for open and honest dialogue about where you're at mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. i will then provide you with tips, resources, and tools to support you during this time.

'are you ok?' sessions are available by phone and video-chat with 15 minute and 30 minute options to choose from.

Honoring the circular flow of abundance and healing, i'm making this offering complimentary for first responders of the pandemic, in support of their vital efforts to keep us all safe. additionally, i'll be donating a portion of proceeds to local food distribution programs in the community.


(516) 253-1273


featured testimonial

"Dr. Naika has been what I can only describe as my deep wellness advocate for 6months. She meets my body's needs where they are the day of the session while still attending to long term goals. She does this effortlessly. She has been pivotal in my successful journey with PCOS. She is able to recalibrate my total software consistently be it with cupping or acupuncture, at home remedies or what sometimes just feels like environment she creates in her office. Each session feels like a deep breath in a super chaotic week. I could not more highly recommend for simply just a healing experience." - C.A